Candidates supporting Equal Crossings

Below are the candidates in the City of Yarra council election who have said ‘yes’ to the Equal Crossings Pledge, which is:

1. Sign and share the Equal Crossings petition.
2. If elected, advocate to VicRoads and the Victorian Government to achieve a 50/50 “dress/pants” split in pedestrian light crossings across Victoria.
3. If elected, actively work towards achieving a 50/50 “dress/pants” split in pedestrian light crossings across City of Yarra by the end of my four-year term.

Langridge Ward

Anab Mohamud (Greens)
Gabrielle de Vietri (Greens)
Karen Douglas (Labor)
Matoc Achol (Independent)
Peter Hude (Independent)
Rowan Payne (Labor)
Stephen Jolly (Independent)

Melba Ward

David Horseman (Richmond First)
Don Ash (Independent)
Dora Tsipouras (Richmond First)
Edward Crossland (Greens)
Julie Bignell (Labor)
Sandeep Sarathy (Labor)
Sarah Witty (Independent)

Nicholls Ward

Amanda Stone (Greens)
Amber Anderson (Animal Justice Party)
Annabelle Wilson (Labor)
Bridgid O'Brien (Independent)
Catherine Noone (Independent)
Debra Thorpe (Labor)
Em Sage (Independent)
Guy Barker (Reason)
Sasha Beitner (Independent)
Sophie Wade (Greens)